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Hi folks,

I am having an issue with a coin dealer, and I need the advice of Forum members.

On 8/6/21, I ordered 3 ancient coins from a European dealer on the Vcoins platform. I paid him in full on that date using Paypal. I am a long-term customer of this dealer. I have been doing business with him for many years (maybe 20 years or more).

The package was postmarked 8/11/21. I received it on 8/18/21. However, when I received the package, there were only 2 coins in it. One coin was missing. The value of the missing coin is approximately $100 (in US dollars). The package was not tampered with or opened and re-sealed in transit. It still had the dealer's original tape and customs/declaration sticker over the tape. The dealer never put the coin in the package. I don't know why.

I immediately (on 8/18/21) sent an email to the dealer informing him of this issue. I didn't receive a response. 5 days later, on 8/23/21, I sent him another email in an attempt to find out what happened. The following day, on 8/24/21, the dealer finally responded. He informed me that he was out of his office and that he would be back in his office "in 3 days" and that he "will check" for the coin at that time. That would have been 8/27/21.

7 days later, on 8/31/21, which was 4 days beyond the date that he was supposed to check for the coin in his office and let me know what happened, I sent him another email because I never heard from him. Again, I never received a response. 5 days later, on 9/5/21, I sent him another email because I never received a response. Again, I never received a response. That was 3 days ago.

That is where I am at now. I have sent him several emails with no response. The last communication I had with him was on 8/24/21. That was 15 days ago. He now seems to be completely and utterly ignoring all of my emails. And I don't know what to do.

I have a few questions for Forum members. First, what is an appropriate amount of time to wait and/or number of emails to send before I should take further action and try to "go up the chain of command" in an attempt to resolve this issue? Second, when that date comes, what is the appropriate action that I should take? Should I contact Vcoins and report this dealer? If yes, what is an appropriate Vcoins contact/email for resolving these types of issues?

Thank you in advance for any advice or assistance.


Dominic T:
Sad story my friend. It's obvious the dealer has a problem since he's not answering you at all; bad bad customer service. My advice: open a case with paypal, using the record of all your attempts to contact him. And you should also complain to vcoins :

Code of ethics:



Jay GT4:
No excuse but remember it's summer vacation in Europe.

Ron C2:
Contest that part of the transaction with Paypal now.  There is a time limit, and you are likely getting close to the limit to maker a claim.  File now, smooth feather later.

A frozen balance in his Paypal account will have the dealer making things right rather quickly, in my experience.

Virgil H:
I would definitely dispute with Paypal now. You can always reverse  it or pay again if things work out. That said, a couple of things come to mind. As Jay said, August is vacation time in Europe. Most Americans have no idea what that really means because the US never shuts down and we get almost no vacations, especially regular workers. Europeans do get them and highly value them and use them. Also, and I ran into this once myself, if it is one individual, stuff happens. You have been a customer a long time, I am willing to bet he values your business. All kinds of things can happen to a sole proprietor, family issues, Covid, etc.Dispute the charge and make things right when (and if) he shows back up. Also, do not be insulted if you get no detailed explanation as to what may have happened. Europe operates on different rules and wavelengths than the US (in my opinion, far better rules LOL, but often frustrating to Americans, like stores closing 2 hours every day for lunch, but that is how it should be). I am giving the benefit of the doubt to him right now, but also protect yourself.

Good luck,


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