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this are two oil lamps from my collection.

The left one seems to be hellenistic, Levante area, ca. 200 - 0 BC, 8,8 cm. I think, it is real, but I'm not sure.
I think that the right one is is SW-Asia, pakistan/Afghanistan/India (Indus-Culture) Middle bronze age, 3.000 - 1.000 BC.  5,7 cm. What do you think?

Thank you

Joe Sermarini:
I hate to say, but I suspect they are modern replicas.

Me too.  I hope strobilus sees them at some point.


These are two objects that i couldn’t exactly interpret myself. I bought both from dealers who generally sell flawless goods. At least the right lamp I thought for real.  ??? :-[

The lamp on the left (moulded lamp) is correctly identified: Hellenistic, Asia Minor/Levant,  2nd-1st century BC. The black clay is quite common in lamps of this period and was produced by a reducing environment in the kiln. Lamps of this type are seldom faked and, although it can be difficult to be definitive based only on images, the surface and other details raise no concern and I suspect this example is probably authentic.

The lamp on the right (saucer lamp) is more problematic. My field is Classical lychnology and I know little about lamps outside that discipline - Indus Valley, etc. I see nothing in the images that suggests the lamp is not ancient but I am unfamiliar with lamps outside the Classical tradition and I cannot confirm its precise region or period.


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