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Finding books from abbreviations

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When I see an abbreviation I don't know I check it on CNG's Bibliography Lookup:

Many books, as well as RPC Online, refer to collections with letter codes.  This was a great idea in the age of paper but today it is better to spell them out.  RPC Online does a good job, though!  For example gives the two specimens as being in museums "L" and "P" but if you click on the individual code the museum is decoded (London and Paris in this case).

If anyone struggles but eventually decodes a tough abbreviation, add the abbreviation to the NumisWiki page for the work.

Interesting discussion.

Of course, some of us will never really abandon the short forms will we.  Especially if we use hand written paper tags.  Some of my late Roman AE4s are in leuchtrum trays with the smallest hole sizes, so my tags are only about 10mm x 10mm and my references for those coins are limited to R### and L#### for the RIC and LRBC references.

What this discussion has highlighted to me, however, is the need for me to provide a key for my own collection - or perhaps for each tray - for the time when I am no longer around.



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