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Jude an coin weight? 8 Gerah.

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Justin W:
Hey Shawn, first I’ll say it again congratulations, your knowledge from artifacts-coins helps so many people on the forum. You propose an interesting theory, yesterday I tried gently putting my nail into the scratches and it actually showed the scratches were deeper then just the surface. But, I am not sure how much of an effect they Would have on the weight. I did look at wileyc example of a 1 dinar weighs 4.21g and mine weighs 4.22. The article v-from sent me stated 1 dinar to weigh 4.15. The difference between mine and wileys is his has the circle engraved in it and mine is completely smooth. Also, Wiley’s is 19 mm but the circles on both sides probably compensate for that. This is just conjecture, but maybe depending on whether the one dinar weighed to much they would create markings in it to compensate for the error. This could be why some 1 dinar weights have grooves in it and some don’t. Once again, this is conjecture but it is fun to think about.

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just saw this looking around.....

I might also consider the scrapping marks to be from someone removing the silver inlay of a "N" also removing a bit of weight, I lean towards it being byzantine.

It seems too plain to be an Islamic disc weight - more likely a local 1 nomisma coin check weight.

Ross G.


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