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Jude an coin weight? 8 Gerah.

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Justin W:
Hello everyone I got a few cool coins from an uncleaned lot from the holy land or Judaea. I will probably post them cleaned later in the uncleaned section. For now I think I may have a coin weight. It weighs 4.22 g and sis 10.7 mm. I see on acsearch an auction which sold Jude an coin weights that this would maybe correspond with the weight of 8 Gerah. As always any help is appreciated.

Best regards,

Justin W:
After doing a little more research I doubt it’s what I previously stated. The barrel form of the weight may indicate Byzantine? I’m not to versed and also there are not visible markings except scratches, so I think the weight is only indicator of what type it is.

Hi Justin.  One Nomisma is a possibility, but I think this could also be an early Islamic "discoid" weight of 1 dinar (4.25grams).  Here is a similar one from my gallery, and another from WileyC.  I also have a great paper by Lionel Holland called Islamic Weights from Caesarea Maritima which I will send you by email.  Nice find!

What does the edge profile look like?

Justin W:
I saw an example of an Islamic weight which looked like mine, but I gave up on that because of the lack of sources I could find for Islamic weights. Thank you very much for the paper, it’s perfect because I was looking for a resource just like that. I will try to take a picture of the edge later, it is very similar to wileyc coin where the middle of the edge is raised slightly. This is the first weight I have encountered and to see it came from an uncleaned lot is extra cool!

Best Regards,


Edit: Also I’m not sure if this means anything, but one side of the weight is scratched heavily and the other side has no visible scratches. So it is clear the one side that has all those scratches was done manually. Probably means nothing but worth pointing out.

Just a guess, but maybe the scratches represent the removal of a small amount of metal to "correct" the weight??



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