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Byzantine Bronze 2 Solidi Weight?


I acquired an interesting Byzantine bronze weight as part of a lot.  It measures approximately 15.66 mm x 15.38 x 5.34 mm and weighs 8.93 g.  On the obverse, there is  :Greek_Nu:  :Greek_Beta: within a wreath.  There are grooved edges.  This is a bit tangential to my area of collecting and would appreciate learning more about this weight. I believe that this is a 2 solidi weight.  Does the style indicate a particular date of the weight?  Pogh_poor

Yes, this is a Byzantine 2 nomismata (solidi) weight.

Entwhistle at the British Museum dates pieces like this to the 5th & 6th centuries AD.

Ross G.

Thank you Ross for helping me date this nice Byzantine weight.  Pogh_poor

Nice weight.


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