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3 pcs. Greek Silver Weight Ingots Identification Needed.


Krasimir B:
Hi Folks!!!
Here are three pieces Greek silver weight ingots found together in the Balkans.
Here are the measures;
1. 27.19gm.   30mm.
2. 49.33gm.    40mm.
3. 31.47gm.   30mm.
Please, any help and suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Very interesting but no idea.

I'd try the Greek forum - someone might recognise the countermarks.

Ross G.

From the pictures I'm not really convinced of authenticity  :-\.

The impressions of the countermarks are looking very fresh, as if they have been applied yesterday.
The weights of the three pieces don't appear to follow a common weight standard.
The motifs of the countermarks seem to come from different times and different regions.

Do you know where and under which circumstances these pieces have been found? How did you hear about them?



Krasimir B:
There is no doubt about the authenticity of the weights as I personally was durring the escavation of them.
Personally cleaned from me.
Anyway, thanks for the post.
   Best regards!!!


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