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Glass Weight Herakles fighting the Nemean lion for ID

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Mike C2:
Dear Board;
Need help to ID this nice glass weight representing Herakles fighting the Nemean lion
21mm-1.7g[Blank reverse]
Yellow glass with superb iridescence
Thanks in advance for all help

I do not think this is a weight. There is no evidence for that. Sorry, I can not see any Herakles. It could be a Byzantine glass pendant. The hanging loop seems to have broken off. In the literature you will find the following notes:
Catalog "Byzanz" - Das Licht aus dem Osten-, 2001, page 186.


Mike C2:
There is border like for all weights and no traces of any loop,because of iridescence we cant see clearly The standing man and the lion ,photo can't show all details but in hand it's more evident
Thanks for your contribution

Joe Sermarini:
I clearly see Herakles fighting the Nemean lion.  It is very likely a quinarius weight, from Alexandria, c. 1st - 3rd century A.D.  Unfortunately, I don't have time to pull out my library to look for a reference. 

Jay GT4:
I see it too.


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