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A Cleaned Weight of Laodicea ad Mare


Below are images from the Pondera database of a lead weight of Laodicea ad Mare (Finkielsztejn 2014a No. 35) before and after cleaning - note the change in weight from 784 to 754 gm.

Note also that Finkielsztejn quotes only the uncleaned figure in his article, a reminder that we need to check just what quoted weights actually mean.

Ross G.

Excellent demonstration of an important point.

Also, most reports don't mention whether there is wear or damage to the weight which would result in the opposite effect.


I agree it is a very important point... +++


For more examples of weight losses in cleaning lead weights search Pondera for weights from Athens in the National Museum in Warsaw (as reported by Louise Willcox).

Weight losses of several percent are common.

Ross G.


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