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small round weight for identification


Nikos P2:
bronze 9.3gram/ 2cm

This is another Byzantine style discoid "coinweight" from c.7th cent. or later.
N Gamma means 3 nomisma, i.e, the weight of 3 solidi.

This means this piece is underweight, as it should be c.13 gm, not 9.3 gm.

Ross G.

your weight = 9,3 g
N = 1 nomisma = 4.45 g
N :Greek_Gamma: = 3 nomismata = 13.35 g

These weights are occasionally slightly underweight. Your weight has been removed from the profile of the reverse. Traces of the profile are still visible (hole in the center). The weight loss is thus approx. 4 g .The reason for the subsequent processing is clearly fraud.

Nikos P2:
Thank you my friends for the valuable help, be good +++


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