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How to Clean Silver (not Silvered) Coins

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From my experience here's what i have found works:

Water down some lemon juice, and apply to the coin using cotton ear buds.

Slowly increase the amount of lemon for stronger acidity.

Be careful with using lemon though, slowly apply water downed solutions first, watch the toning !

You could also try a two to one ammonia soak.

Start on the harder encrustations first.

As an Aussie i suggest not wasting any vegemite on your coins. Much better results on your toast for breakfast.

Jackson G:
I appear to have found a silver coin, but it has a thick layer of blueish encrustations on both sides and a layer of brown on one side and hard to clean mechanically. Would ammonia work for cleaning it or would i need something stronger? I did a test scratch on the edge and it appears silver, not silvered.   any ideas???

Lee S:
Hi Jackson...

Here is a post describing how I cleaned an encrusted silver coin... If your coin looks anything like it then the same methods will work...

 However if you post photos of your coin it will be possible to give more specific advice...

Best wishes!!


*Andre* C:
Very rarely, and only for coins of high grade AR - weak solution Trilon B. For Roman AR coins suitable gel used by dentists
For a long time he wrote the article, it is in Russian, but the illustrations are clear.

For coins of local dressing (Cimmerion Bosporos and Taurische Chersonesos  ) - it is better without chemicals.
But sometimes the gel helps :)

for the red stuff on silver coins I let them soak in distilled water for months - it tends to spread a little and often turns greenish

that's when I dip them in lemon juice for a short bath

rinse and repeat over many months

eventually it will break down

sorry I dont have any pics but this is what works bet for me and red on silver

also can try wrapping in tinfoil and boiling in water with several tablespoons of baking soda if you're in a hurry but it often doesn't get it all off


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