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Octavian and Antony Coin Authentic?


Hello all!

This coin looks somewhat decent but the patina is very uniform and the sellers other coins from different era's has the same dusty patina. Im almost certain I can see tiny air bubble pitting and a faint line on the edge. Some other things just make me feel like it's a decent modern fake.

What say you all? Fake or authentic?

Hi Dwain.  Since this site is hosted by a coin dealer, per the rules, screening of purchases is not permitted.  Also, it is not possible to definitively authenticate a coin from a picture, especially without size, weight and both sides.  If you don't know the dealer or the coin, it is never advisable to buy.  Coins sold by Forum Ancient Coins are guaranteed authentic for life.  At the top of the home page is a search tab with a drop down menu for fake coin reports.  If you search there for "Octavian and Antony" you may see something similar to this coin.  Good Luck!

Thank you. I looked at that section but couldn't find anything similar but I did find coins with similar patina. Also I couldn't upload all the pics due to size but I do have multiple pics with the edges as well.

Is there any other place that might be able to offer advice? Im trying to understand why its not permitted here just because this site is owned by a coin dealer. No offense just curious. Thank you tho

Jay GT4:
You should be able to attach pictures now that you have 2 posts. Welcome to Forum

 The coin is fake

Sorry Dwain, I should have been more clear.  If you have already purchased the coin it is OK to ask about it.  If you are just trying to decide whether you should buy it or not (from a competing dealer), then it isn't.

Here is a very similar fake:
Possibly from the same mould.


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