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I was offered this lot of 103 roman coins, is it worth it?


Richard, Sweden:
I found this lot of 103 roman coins today...

It seems that the quality isn't so bad for about the around the half of them. The seller want 1 500 swedish kronor for them, which at the time of writing corresponds to approx $144. Should I put a bid? Well, I can't just in this case, but it comes up similar offers regularly. So if they still remaining there next mounth maybe?

Joe Sermarini:
On this board we do not discuss prices or give advice on making purchases. There are two reasons for this. First, we believe that sort of discussion is far less interesting than the numismatics, history, mythology, archeology, and other subjects that are the primary topics here. Second, FORVM ANCIENT COINS is a shop. We want to encourage you to buy from this shop and from our members that are designated Procurator Monetae.

Just this once... Seems like a very good buy to me.


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