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Short question. How would you classify the following example?



Or would both possibilities apply?

4,52g, ∅ 23mm

br Laurentius

My volumes of RIC have different descriptions of the reverse:

Vol VI, page 226, #862: MARTI CON-SERVATORI  Mars, helmeted, stg. r., r. leaning on reversed spear, l. resting shield on ground.

Vol VII, page 168, #53: MARTI CON-SERVATORI  Mars helmeted in military dress, stg. r., cloak spread, holding vertical spear reversed, resting l. hand on shield.

Based on this, I would say you have RIC 862 from RIC vol. VI.

Below is a picture of a coin from my collection that shows a "spread cloak" -- and your coin does not have it.

Below is a photo of my Trier RIC 862.
3.80 gm., 23.5 mm.           
RIC #862; PBCC #155a; Sear #15981.

Purchased from CNG in 1997. So I would trust their attribution.

@ Callimachus

Ok, thank you very much for the explanation. You have a very nice one
of RIC 862. 8)
Also probably one of the last depictions of Mars on coins, in connection
with the "Constantinian shift".

br Laurentius

Maybe, jut maybe, I am wrong.
The WIldwinds description (not the RIC description) for RIC 53 says "cloak spread across upper chest."
The upper chest of Mars on your coin is different from the upper chest of Mars on my coin. Maybe CNG was wrong all those years ago.
The Wildwinds pictures you linked to also are different.
Let's hope someone else can add to this.


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