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Ken W2:

Hey folks:  I've recently acquired a few denarii from the Republican period and, for better or worse, I'm developing an interest in that period, especially post introduction of the denarius.  After some research, my sense is Sydenham's The Coinage of the Roman Republic appears to be a good and affordable general reference, and given the degree to which it is cited in attributions it obviously is accepted as authorative.  I'd welcome your thoughts about that work as a general reference and other recommendations you may have. 

Thanks in advance.


Sydenham's book is 70 years old and I don't know if any changes have been made to it.

If it seems to me, the primary reference to the republic is Crawford. It is reprinted all the time and as far as I can see small changes are sometimes made to new reprints. The last reprint in paperback was quite recent (2019?) and I am surprised that it is no longer available. Perhaps you should write to the publishing house to see if they have copies yet, and if not, when are they planning the next reprint.

PS. On publisher webpage there's information RRC will be aviable again this month:

Pekka K:

For silver coins RSC I is useful:

Elyshh K:
The standard catalog of World Coins, 1800-1901 by Chester L.Krause And Clifford Mishler is a comprehensive reference book for 19th-century coins.

I suppose it depends what you are after.  I have Crawford,  Sydenham and  the Seaby volume. All three list the  Republican coins known,  obviously the Sear only silver.  The advantage of Crawford and Sydenham over Seaby is the narrative they both contain.  Crawford has been revised since the 1974 first edition,  whereas,  Sydenham has not. I use my Crawford and have only consulted Sydenham once I think.




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