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New Coin to Show Off, LOL

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Virgil H:
Just won this one at auction. I have just fallen in love with some of the Republican coins, plus there are some dog coins I really want. I am not sure how people collect Republican coins, be it eras, moneyers, or just the imagery. I would be interested in how people approach these coins. I find the AR denarius coins just beautiful.

I am lately on a roll with coins with dogs. I haven't bought many, but I am looking and bidding. This one I won. I will add this to my gallery but wanted to post it here, as well. I love everything about this coin. Part of it is the reverse with the dog and spear, but I also love the blank space on the reverse. Plus, my diety of choice has always been Artemis/Diana. Diana is associated with a stag often, but also with hunting dogs, so for me, this is the best of both worlds. I personally think the portrait of Diana on this coin is simply amazing, she is so young and beautiful and very human looking. She has her bow and quiver.

C. Postumius, Rome, 73 BC. AR Denarius (18mm, 3.78g). Draped bust of Diana r., bow and quiver over shoulder. R/ Hound running r.; spear below, TA monogram in exergue. Crawford 394/1a; RBW 1434; RSC Postumia 9. VF


Tracy Aiello:

What a magnificent addition to your collection. Congrats. It is indeed a beautiful coin.


Virgil H:
Thanks Tracy, these Republican coins are often just so beautiful and artistic, even with a lot of redundancy in what they depict at times. Some of us have had discussions about pure art in the past, but I think so many of these measure up artistically with the best of Greek art in a lot of ways. On this coin, I think the portrait of Diana may be unsurpassed or, at least, pretty close to the best ever for the European version of her. In Asia Minor, Artemis was a different thing for the most part with both Greeks and Romans and I love those, too, having seen original Artemis sculpture in Turkey. Then again, I have also seen the Diana of Versailles at the Louvre. LOL


Hi VH,

Nice Coin! :)


Virgil H:
Thanks, Meep



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