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Medusa coin, ID?


Hi, can anyone help me with this Greek coin, if it is a coin.

Medusa and perhaps Athena (or soldier)

Hope for ID.

Size: 17,1 mm

Weight: 18,93 g.

Thicknes: 7 mm.

It looks like a weight rather than a coin.

Thank you very much.

Have looked at this weight off and on for a bit and have not found anything similar so here are some thoughts.

Would guess it likely to be a roman trade/Spherical commercial weights which were a common type, weight wise it does not match being a ounce > 26-28<g, nor half ounce of course. It fits interestingly in the range to be considered a 3/4 ounce weight of 25.25g.

Not sure of the iconography.



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