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Avitus AE4?

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Luuk S:
Hi all

Today i received a lot of 8 AE4's from the 5th century. It included the coin shown below.
I think it might be an Avitus AE4, however considering how rare those are it's maybe wishfull thinking.
It's a really worn and crude coin, however this is normal for 5th century AE4's.
Please let me know what you think!

gr Luuk

Obverse: [..] PF AVG, Emperor's head to right
Reverse: [VICTOR] IA AVGG, S in left field. Victory holding wreath.
Mintmark: [..]
Weight: 0.84 g
Diameter: 12 mm
Literature: RIC X 2413?

Maybe Honorius Vandal issue?

Luuk S:
I've found a blog discussing the problem with these coins:
Here the case is made that most of the AE4's identified as Avitus are in fact misattributed AE4's of Honorius from Rome, struck between 410-423 AD (RIC 1357).
However, i'm not so sure if this can be the case for all AE4's with VICTORIA AVGG reverse and S in left field.
The AE4 shown below was sold on eBay last year (?), but the obverse does seem to read 'AVITVS', not Honorius.
I can only find the picture of the obverse, but the reverse had the VICTORIA AVGG with S in left field (i was the underbidder for this lot, unfortunately)

Does anyone here have a RIC X 2413, which can be positively identified to Avitus via the legend on obverse?
Or alternatively, does anyone have a good example of RIC X 1357, postively attributed to Honorius?
I cannot find any clear examples of either type online. Thanks!

gr Luuk

Flav V:
This one seems good:

The only problem is that the coin is from Numismatik Naumann which ''ameliorate'' coins by re-engraving legends... Im 70% conviced this coin is from Avitus. But i search a better copy.

I'm sorry but at present no avitus AE coin can surely considerate as existing
all supposed coins are
1 - Honorius Rome
2 - Theodosius Rome
3 - Valentiniano III rome somentimes with a very well known inversion DN AVL-NIA AVG
4 - tooled
5 - etc
....just look at all these coins... no one have the legend on the left part legible ...ask why... because if it is present, you will see it is not Avitus :)


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