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Civil War 68/69 CE "Eid Mar"

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A large collection of rare civil war coins is coming up for sale.

For me the outstanding item is this copy of the Eid Mar type of Brutus but probably by Galba.

This plainly shows that the coin itself was famous 100 years later.


I'm curious. Why would a Caesar such as Galba use a reverse type celebrating the assassination of one of his predecessors?

Maybe because his great-grandfather was one of the murderers.

Well that maybe true...I don't know.

Hands up...I wonder how many Forum AC Roman people evr knew that the famous and much talked about Brutus Eid Mar had this apparent copy by Galba. I didn't and no one has, to me, commented in the Eid Mar Chronicles on this and any other coin sites. How rare are they compared to the common Brutus? What does the experts on Roman Imperial coinage say?  C'mon have some interest!

I was astounded when I saw it but it doesn't seem to shake barely any comment or speculation in the forums.

I know I collect the most hated type of Greek coins, but I thought that this might get a good response

I had no clue such a coin existed. Now that I do, I'll have to add it to my must-have list.

I agree with you: this coin speaks volumes. Minted about a century after the Eid Mar and Caesar's murder, it allows us to step into the mind of the person who authorized its minting. He clearly felt affinity for the assassins, and minting a coin connects him to the leader. There must have been significant Republican sentiment at the time, because why else would he use a coin for such propaganda? I find this rather surprising given Augustus's apparent popularity.

So maybe, just maybe, Rome wasn't as pro-Julio-Claudian as the historians led us to believe.


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