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First coin I am cleaning

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Virgil H:
I am no expert, but I have had a few coins soaking in distilled water for months, probably over a year. I have also found that even with a scalpel, that green stuff doesn't want to come off. I will take them out from time to time and wipe and look under magnification. And I change the water every few days. There comes a point when what is left is really hard to get off and I worry about damaging the coin. Bamboo skewers work well on easier crude and I have found that cleaning a coin wet is better than doing it dry, using a soft wire brush and wet towel. There is a point you can do no more. From the pictures you posted, your coin actually looks pretty decent given that uncleaned coins are never going to look mint state. And some you may never be able to identify. I have never used chemicals, myself. Although I might be open to it with otherwise hopeless coins as I really have nothing to lose at that point. Others may disagree.



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