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First coin I am cleaning

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Rolandas V:
This is the first coin I am cleaning  ::) Till now I am satisfied with my job.
I have scratched to plain metal in  some places, so I decided to stop and ask for your advice. I have removed everything what was possible to remove mechanically. The dark green solid like stone crust is hiding more details of the coin. How can I remove it without damaging patina? Chemicals? Electrolysis?
By the way, maybe somebody can identify this coin already? Weight is 0.83 g, diameter 13-15 mm.

The type is SALVS REIPVBLICE.  Having a good image of one always helps in cleaning.

it is always good to stop and take a break instead of pushing on and rushing the cleaning.  It has been dirty for around 1600 years so waiting a bit won't hurt it.

What have you used so far and how hard is the dark green stuff?


Rolandas V:
I soaked in olive oil for 10 days, brushed with liquid soap under warm water and, you will be laughing, cleaned with little office knife. I have ordered various tools from USA (I am from Sweden), but the post haven't come yet. I was impatient and started to clean with the stuff I had on my table  :evil:
The green stuff is hard as stone. My office knife can't clean not a little dust from it. The knife slides without making any mark on it.

I some cases you can't clean everything off.  Some of the green might just be too hard.

Not sure what you ordered, but for me scalpel or curved x-acto blades (#10 and #22) work best.  They are usually safer and easier to use when kept sharp so a sharpening stone/whetstone helps.

Unless you have really good eyes they are easier to use under magnification - with a magnifying glass stand, binocular microscope or magnifying head-band.

While you wait for your supplies there are literally hundreds of messages on this thread to read that can be helpful.


Ron C2:
Otlichmik gave you good advice. Here is more. Cleaning a coin with olive oil or distilled water can take weeks or months. 10 days is not long enough to see real results on a badly crusted coin.

In this coin's case, mechanical cleaning may be the way to go. Use proper tools, light, and magnification.


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