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Author Topic: Awadh, AE Paisa, Brijis Qadr, Indian rebellion issue  (Read 142 times)

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Awadh, AE Paisa, Brijis Qadr, Indian rebellion issue
« on: May 20, 2021, 09:59:36 am »
This is a rare full flan Paisa issued at the time of the Indian mutiny or rebellion by Brijis Qadr, the 11 year old Nawab of Awadh 1857/8.
His father Wajid Ali Shah had been deposed and exiled by the British and the boys mother Begum Hazrat Mahal, who had been leading the rebels in Awadh, declared him the new Nawab of Awadh on June 5th 1858.
Qadr subsequently wrote to Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah II, asking for confirmation of his regency. This was granted, and he was awarded the title of Wazir.

 In May 1858 the young Qadr wrote a letter to Jung Bahadur Rana, the Prime Minister of Nepal, claiming that the British had corrupted the faiths of the Hindus and Muslims of the state, and urged him to send his troops to Awadh to help fight the British. The unsympathetic Rana rejected the accusations and refused to help Qadr, instead asking him to surrender to Henry Montgomery Lawrence, the commissioner of Lucknow, and ask for pardon.

Meanwhile, as the most of the local rebels had been defeated and subjected to exemplary punishment by the British, Qadr and Begum Hazrat crossed the West Rapti River to take refuge in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Coins were struck in imitation of earlier Awadh issues so the date and regnal year are fictitious.
The original issues were struck with the mint name Muhammadabad Banares, while those of Qadr have Awadh (Oudh) at the top of the reverse and Subah at the bottom, both usually off flan but fully visible here


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