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Do you think this is for real?


I have my doubts about this news story about a "Swiss army" type tool from around 200AD, although I wouldn't be surpised.  What do you think? Here's the link:

Bud Stewart:
Here is a very fascinating thread create by Xenophon in the “History an Archeology" discussion section related to this very artifact. Refurbished Gallery of Greek and Roman antiquities at The Fitzwilliam Museum

Thanks for the link, Bud.

Thats stange  :o!

I don't know how many metal antiquities experts read this board, but my non-expert first look at that tool was that the handle looks decidely not 3rd century Roman, although i have no real problem with the concept of the romans making such an item, even of silver (But heck, with that much money, what's up with the iron blade?)


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