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Roman spear?


Supposed that the Roman spear, is much more damaged, because it is found in the river.
Made of iron, but it is much more corrosion destroyed.
I purchased it as soon as he found in river.
I have personally removed corrosion with the help of acids and wire brush.
Unfortunately, many of the damaged parts of the fallen (was found completely).
I had to, because it was the only way to permanently save left of the spear of destruction.
Shine on photography because I keep it in the oil.
What is your opinion, is really Roman or older or younger?
Please note that the area where he found people living over 10000 years,
from Stone Age to the present day in continuity.
Unfortunately, because the state is poor, usually are not performed more archaeological excavations,
most often built new buildings over archaeological locality.

Sorry for poor knowledge English language, I hope that you understand the text

Shouldn't a museum have taken a look at it and professionally restored it?



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