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Hallo Alle/Hi all

Ich denke wir sollten den Titel für diese Sektion umändern. Im moment ist der Titel "Diskussionsforum Numismatic auf Deutsch".

Wir sollten es entweder "Deutsches numisatisches Diskussionsforum" (war wie eine Partei klingt), "Numismatisches Diskussionsforum auf Deutsch" oder einfach nur "Numismatische Diskussionsforum" benennen.

Ich würde mich auch sehr darüber freuen, wenn man mir in diesem Bereich jemand als zweiter Moderator aushelfen könnten, denn mein Deutsch ist ein wenig eingerostet.

Vielen Dank,

I think we should change the header of this section. At the moment the section is called "Diskussionsforum Numismatic auf Deutsch".

We should either call it, "Deutsches numisatisches Diskussionsforum" (which sounds like a Party), "Numismatisches Diskussionsforum auf Deutsch", or just "Numismatisches Diskussionsforum" without the auf Deutsch.

I would also be happy of someone could be me out in the form of a co-moderator, since my German has become a little rusty over the years.


Joe Sermarini:
I don't speak German and made the title using Google.  If it isn't right, please just let me know. 

I agree with Burak that the present header is a rather odd mixture of languages.
So far, however, there seems to be little demand for a German Forum at all!
German-speakers with numismatic questions either can manage English and choose to participate in the main Forum, or they use Numismatikforum or other German-language resources.
Should we perhaps drop the German Forum, rather than changing its header or adding a second moderator?

I think this is not a bad idea and, being German, would not feel offended if I were forced  ;D again to speak, er, write English here. It's no big problem for me, and we have a fairly good German board with, where I also meet my German-speaking friends I know from this board. See? I'm writing English again already. I'm really used to it by now.
BTW Istinpolin, I didn't know you speak German, and obviously very well! Great!


PS: If somebody needs a German - English (or vice versa) translation for single words or idioms, I can recommend . I use it a lot for more difficult words.

Joe Sermarini:
One postitive aspect of having the German board is that search engines will find FORVM when people search for the words "numisatisches" and "Diskussionsforum."  We may get a few more members that way. 


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