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Roman Diploma Fragment

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Joe Sermarini:
Fantastic! Thanks Istvan!

Here is what I have put together, thanks to all the help I have received here.

If anyone sees errors or has suggestions to improve this write up, please let me know. Thanks!

Scribonius Probus:
Joe:  Thinking about the "Arabia" context of this fragment, I started googling "Roman Army Arabia" and found a page from a Michael Spiedel article which lists the Roman Army units in Arabia.... including a Cohors VI Hispanorum.  I would suggest that this auxiliary cohort might be a stronger bet for this diploma fragment's attribution, rather than a new "Legio" VI Hispanorum.

I also found a wiki tabular summary of the deployment of auxiliary alae and cohortes attested in the reign of Hadrian. Table 1(j) lists Cohors VI Hispanorum, among many others.  The author of this table references an article by a Paul Holder, titled Auxiliary Deployment in the reign of Hadrian, wherein the Cohors VI Hispanorum is mentioned on page 114.


Joe Sermarini:
Thanks Gary. I was under the mistaken impression that a Cohors VI Hispanorum would be attached to Legio VI Hispanorum. Istvan informed me that other than similar names, they were unrelated.


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