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what is this bronze small object

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Vladimir B2:
thanks but why on some sites its described as aes formatum r republic

There were some aes foratum in this shape but they are also know as vessel decoration - soldered to the side of thin-walled vessels.

They are much much more common as vessel decoration than aes formatum and the finds spots for aes formatum are fairly limited too.


Joe Sermarini:
There are bronze AE formatum cast shells, which were used as money. Lead cast shells were used as weights. Their use as vessel decorations is interesting. I was not aware of that. It makes sense because they would be fairly easy to cast and attractive.

They can really only be considered aes formatum if found in an Oscan-Latin context - i.e. central Italy 5th-3rd c BC.

By contrast they are a common decorative feature from at least the 2nd-4th centuries AD and are found throughout the Empire.

The vast majority that exist today are therefore most likely examples of the later decorations.



Vladimir B2:
thanks all


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