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Kilian O:
See this every now and then. Is this also a variation on a handle? It strikes me that it could be used as a helmet handle but can be for x ammount of things too. Now I took another look it's a weisenau type I'd assume?

Again hard to say.

The style was used for both.  In the photos above you can see some attached to helmets. But you can also see several (in the image "helm, weisenau handles II" which shows items sadly mislabeled as helmet handles) that still have small spikes attached.  These spikes are never found on examples on helmets, they are to attached the handle to the wood of the drawer or chest.  So this shows that the exact same shape was used on helmets and furniture.



Excellent thread indeed!

From my paltry experience, furniture pulls are mostly flat on the reverse.

Example #1 - Copper alloy; 72mm/30.2gm
Example #2 - Copper alloy; 100mm/53.6gm Please note the very obvious phallic end to the dolphin's tail.  :evil:

One the other hand, like Killian's example, others are 3D, meant to be seen from both sides. Again, most likely they were attached to the top of a cabinet or other small box?

Example #3 - Cast lead over iron; 90mm/38.9gm - Why do the dolphins have scales? Had the smith who forged this artifact actually never seen a dolphin (which do not have scales) or simply with the scaled fish with which he was familiar from the River Drava close to where this artifact was found? Dolphins have been good luck symbols forever and perhaps he added the circle-and-dot pattern was meant to ward off the "Evil Eye" as an added bonus to the piece? Sadly, we will never know.


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