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From Christopher Unz and Eckhard Deschler-Erb, Katalog der Militaria aus Vindonissa, 1997.

All are iron unless otherwise noted and are Roman from context.  1st to 4th century unless otherwise noted.  Length not given as illustrated 1/3 scale.  However actual page size is unknown in digital format.

511 = socketed, rhomboid cross-section catapult bolt head; 132g.
512-517 = socketed, triangular cross-section catapult bolt head; 25g - 122g.
518 =  square cross-section socket, square cross-section head; 84g.
519-546 = socketed, tapering with no clear head, crossbow bolt; 44-194g, avg. 70g & 90g & 150g.

As with the spearheads I think that this pretty much covers Roman arrowheads and catapult bolt heads.

We need to find info on the so-called Scythian bronze arrowheads that seem to have been used for over 1000 years, Greek, Steppe Nomads, Medieval, etc.


Robert L3:

--- Quote from: otlichnik on April 26, 2020, 01:06:28 pm ---We need to find info on the so-called Scythian bronze arrowheads...

--- End quote ---

I have on occasion used Marina Daragan's Arrowheads of Prescythian and Early Scythian Time: Manufacturing Techniques, Metrology, and Marks, available on

Joe Sermarini:
I believe the trilobate bladed arrowheads are all bronze not iron (I modified the posts above). Iron arrowheads are hammered, not cast. It is almost impossible to hammer iron to make a trilobate bladed (bladed being the important distinction) arrowhead.

The Ancient Metal Arrowheads page on NumisWiki has additional references.

I just added NumisWiki pages for the references above.

The tiny so-called scythian trilobite or triangular cross-section arrowheads are all cast bronze, but the standard Roman arrowhead is an iron trilobate arrowhead.  These larger Roman ones are never bronze.

This was no problem for Romans to forge these from iron as has been shown be re-enacators / living archaeology.



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