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New Gallery: Bronze Weaponry of Western Asia

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Robert L3:
Thank you for the nice comments, guys. Much appreciated.

Very cool.  I’d like to get a dagger some day.

Great writeup Bob and some amazing artefacts.

Robert L3:
Thanks, Nick and Andrew. I appreciate the comments.

Very nice collection! I haven't studied each piece, but noticed that your Canaanite "AE Dagger #01" is rather more intact than you may fear it is. You state that "It is tang-less (or is the tang broken?) and has two rivet holes" but it actually has three rivet holes and never had a tang, with the minor loss of bronze on the very bottom obscuring the fact that it has a 3rd hole at that spot.

I particularly like the "AE Dagger/Short Sword #02" and see similar pieces offered as spearheads for rather lower prices than short swords tend to fetch. I have nothing to back it up but tend to think that the "winged guard" was integral to and served to help secure such pieces to the handle, and may have looked somewhat like the swords depicted on the "Pylos Combat Agate". Your "AE Dagger/Short Sword #03" is very aesthetically appealing also.

There was a collector on eBay selling off a lot of material from the Piscopo collection that he obtained when it was liquidated; "bungalowbil", and as I recall he had listed but didn't sell some nice West Asian weapons that you'd likely be interested in among other antiquities. Many items came with the original tags in Piscopo's handwriting and I picked up a few of his tagged Chinese pieces. He hasn't listed anything in a few months but it may be worth sending him a message.


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