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De-slabbing coins - describe methods here.

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Nice work.  +++  With my one de-slabbing job behind me, I am confident I can do this again, and am now willing to buy slabbed coins. They won’t be slabbed for long  ;).

Virgil H:
I was a nervous wreck deslabbing my first two, thinking I was doing something horrible as well as worried about coin damage. It was so easy in retrospect and mine were more recent "tamper resistant" slabs. I think it is clear that slabbing is done to increase prices and give legitimacy to a coin, so I look at that, too. But, now I at least consider buying slabbed coins if the price is right. I do keep the little tags that comes with them.


Ron C2:
Stickying this topic for all instructional discussion related to de-slabbing ancients - pls discuss methods here to guide others in not damaging their coins through the de-slabbing process.


--- Quote from: cmcdon0923 on December 14, 2021, 04:49:14 pm ---From your description and picture, it sounds like you had one of the older style NGC slabs.  They are/were much simpler to open than the new style. 

The old style was basically two pieces placed together and then sealed down the side edge.  Break the seal at a few places, and it popped open, or at least was easy to pry apart.

The new style appears to be a top piece which now fits down inside a raised rim of the bottom.  So just tapping around the edges may not work, or requires a more "aggressive" level on hammering.  I personally use a piers to grab the small lip and bend it down until it pops off.  Do that around enough of the perimeter until you can safely access the coin.

Again, that's my process, your mileage may vary.


--- End quote ---

Yes, that’s the method I use to remove coins from their sealed plastic slabs.

Virgil H:
I have de-slabbed quite a few coins now and my method is simple and does not require hammering (which always worried me). I just slowly push a screwdriver into the side crack and twist. One or two spots does the trick. And, to continue the quote theme, from Kris Kristofferson via Janis Joplin:

"Freedom is just another word for losing the slab case."



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