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De-slabbing coins - describe methods here.

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Nice work.  +++  With my one de-slabbing job behind me, I am confident I can do this again, and am now willing to buy slabbed coins. They won’t be slabbed for long  ;).

Virgil H:
I was a nervous wreck deslabbing my first two, thinking I was doing something horrible as well as worried about coin damage. It was so easy in retrospect and mine were more recent "tamper resistant" slabs. I think it is clear that slabbing is done to increase prices and give legitimacy to a coin, so I look at that, too. But, now I at least consider buying slabbed coins if the price is right. I do keep the little tags that comes with them.


Ron C2:
Stickying this topic for all instructional discussion related to de-slabbing ancients - pls discuss methods here to guide others in not damaging their coins through the de-slabbing process.


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