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Domitian's mule - Ancient imitation?


Mules are always intriguing coin for me.

This is a denarius I've purchased some months ago.

It has the Pegasus common reverse (76-77 a.D.) combined with an earlier portrait (75 a.D.).

Considering its light weight (2,01 grams) I think it could be a plated coin, though not mentioned in Seaby - Roman Silver Coins.

Any opinion?

David Atherton:
An interesting coin!

Could it be an old obverse die was still in use for the new reverse type? If so, this could push the dating back more towards 76 to allow for the small overlap. The style doesn't look too terribly off, however, the low weight would be a concern. Do you see any visible signs of plating in hand?

Actually I don't see real sign of plating, only a small dark area at 11 hour in the reverse (1 mm).

I post a couple of pictures of the rim.


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