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Nicaean Addenda: Scarcer Finds from Nikaia, Bithynia

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And a third one: Severus Alexander, SNG von Aulock 606 (Thanks to Charles Rodes!). This coin was very difficult to attribute! It shows Dionysos, the suggested ktistes (founder) of Nikaia, together with the nymph Nikaia. For more information please look at the thread 'Mythological interesting coins'!

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And I think a thread about Nicaea should have this coin too:
Caracalla, AD 198-217
AE 26, 12.35g
struck as Augustus AD 211-217
Bust, draped and cuirassed, seen from behind, laureate, r.
rev. NIKAIEW / N (EW ligate)
Galley over waves l., 4 oarsmen sitting ahead, helmsman standing behind, at
front standard, at stern banner; emperor sitting l., holding spear and holding
patera in outstretched r. hand, in front of him standing Tyche of Nikaia and
presenting the young Dionysos to him, who raises his hands to him.
Very rare, F
Unpublished in the major works. I found a similar ex. at CoinArchives from the Gorny&Mosch auction #108, April 3. 2001.

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Thanks for all of these, Jochen.  That last coin is amazing, and though the type shows up in RG as well as in Isegrim * it's so badly described in those texts that I already link to your posting instead; still there's no harm in quality cross-posts!  By the way, though we call this Nicaean Addenda, everyone should feel free to treat it as a showcase for any Nicaean you're proud of, something still very clearly worth doing here.


Steve Minnoch:
The last time I posted this at any rate nobody could find any publication of this reverse type, let alone the whole piece:

[..............]MAIA CEB, Julia Mamaea, bust right, draped, ?diademed
NIK-A-[EI] (around) ΩΝ (exergue), centaur (Chiron?) handing object (scroll?) to warrior (Achilles?)
25mm, die axis: 2 o'clock

More attractive in hand than the horrible scan.



Outstanding and really mysterious; thanks for posting this singular coin!  I have added a note to your earlier posting:


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