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Ancient Romans preferred fast food?

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Nice barbeque, though I think it is something more like a brazier, hence the elaborate decoration.   

Here is a picture of a "fast food" shop in Pompeii.  The holes on the counter supposedly contained pots with food and drinks.  I bet the food contained way less calories than today's fast food places.  I would assume (out of the blue) that the average Roman's daily calorie intake was around 1000.  This excludes those Romans who had feasting as their career of course.

Remember that at-home cooking for the working classes was as limited as a hot plate in a dorm room, and less convenient or safe.  This was true in Mediterranean villages until very recently, too.  Pat L.

I've read that most people living in the insulae (especially on the upper floors) did not cook in their homes due to fire hazard.  I am not sure if it was forbidden by law, but some did and fires started. 

El Reye:
Fast Food I was thinking gazells and antelopes.  OOPS


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