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Coin photography on my website


I have added a section to my website based on the various subjects I have been posting recently.  Thanks to all those who commented.

I will be happy to take on board any further comments if any of this seems too condensed, or wrong!

Hosted by Forvm, of course.  Thanks as always, Joe.

I have added some more details and examples into the page on post-processing, covering darkening of highlights, lightening shadows, and sharpening.

Might be useful .. your choice!


What a fantastic site - should be essential reading for all to what to get the most out of what equipment they have.

I think I have photoshop worked out (it is on my PC at work but I never used it)  It took me a while to find the bucket though.

I had to click on 'gradient tool'
then change the gradient icon to the bucket icon in the topmost left corner
then go to the pulldown menu beside it and change 'pattern' to 'foreground'
It all seems to work fine now.

Thanks again for a great site.

Glad you like it! 

Photoshop is huge.  If I tried to explain every single detail about how to do those tweaks, it would end up as a photoshop tutorial site.  But as you have had a specific problem with finding the bucket, I'll add that in.  Thanks for the feedback.

P.S. I am Bill.  I was thanking Joe Serminari for hosting my site!

Oops sorry  Bill......Still a great site though with great explanatory pictures


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