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Your advice needed for cutting and cropping coins

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This whole idea (deep bottomed white dish) prompted me to test it out and it works great.  I used a cylindrical translucent CD stack container cover with a white piece of paper in the bottom and a translucent plastic top to sit the coin about 4" over the white paper.  one light (compact flourescent) from above and a 2nd one that lights up only the white paper below (makes for a very bright white background) and that doesn't aim at the coin at all.  this makes for some nice photos solid white background with zero shadow and very good fidelity to the coin's actual color.  I'm gonna stick with it.  easy setup to use with my copy stand and Canon S50 'computer controlled' still cam.  nice going and thanks for the tips.


Dan S II:
This is an enormously helpful thread. I had no idea what I was signing up for thinking I could take pictures of my coins and share them.  I absolutely hate the pictures on the websites that coins are sold on and I prefer my fuzzy pictures over the magazine ones.

The modern means of sharing an ancient coin collection really is a photography hobby.

Thanks again for the pointers. 


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