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How Do You Display Your Coins?

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I was curious about coin display.  I realize there are the typical concerns of safety and security but as a collector you always want to "show off" your coins.  So, I ask you on this list to educate me about the best method for display that you use.  Currently, I've got my coins in the appropriate flips laying in a small plastic chest with pull-out drawers.  Not the best method for safety, security OR display.  What do you do?  Thanks.


I think it depends on the level of coins you are collecting.  If I had coins worth 1000s of dollars then I would probably keep them in the safe or deposit box at the bank.  Since I dont have tons of gold coins lying about- I like to see them.  I just bought a lovely case from Ikea. It's a long narrow wall mount with lots of glass shelves and a light- the door shuts and I installed a small lock on it. (to keep the children out mostly)  I bought the small acrylic coin stands and will place my favorites in the case.

For my others that will not go in there I have small coin albums. One for my campgates, one for Empresses etc. and those go in my safe.

Hi all:
This question has sort of been addressed in other topics. No! No! That is not a critiscisim.
I too wonder how to best keep and diplay the coins I have. 
However, unlike modern coin collectors, I find I just cannot lock up, slab or otherwise make my coins out of reach.  By that I mean I just have to have them where I can touch them. 
I think this is a similar feeling many ancient coin collectors have. 
It's an intangible, but everytime I hold an ancient coin I find myself wondering where it's been and what it may have seen. 
Hold a lincolin wheat penny and you may visualize an accountant in Des Moines having had it.
Hold an ancient roman coin of the 2nd Century and you may visualize that someone banged it on a table in a tavern lit only by terra cotta lamplight, coming fresh from the Amphitheatre demanding "Bring more wine! And my friend here Lucianius said there are women as well"!

This has been a problem for me...I dont want to lock them up but I have yet to come to a satisfactory way of showing them. I bought a little case from hobby lobby but I cant see them very well through it :( I hung them up in circular nice frames but then I feared them being pressed even a bit up against the glass would hurt them...I have still yet to find a way that is good.

Once your collection reaches a certain value, you'll find you'll lock them up.  A 'Fort Knox' style gun safe is wonderful as they are fireproof and burglar (without torches) proof.  Great for valuable documents, fragiles, etc (not to mention firearms).  You can buy a good quality knockoff safe for around $500 US.  Otherwise, a safe deposit box is best for the high $ coins.  I keep my top 200 under lock and key, and have another 1000 or so in slide film binders, hiding them in plain view in my library.  Plus an assortment of low grades easily accessible for any bad guy that wants to grab and go while I'm at work/on vacation. 

Better to be a pessimist than an optimist.  As a pessimist, you are prepared (and minimize the damage) when the worst happens and happily surprised when you're wrong!


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