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Prefered Storage Method

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Ricardo R:
I like to put it in leuchtturm coin holders mostly, but the best ones in slabs quadrum and then on drawers.

I'm still drawing a wooden furniture as an exhibitor or showcase like museum for part of my collection.

Jan P:
With cardboard holders one can keep comments as near as possible to the proper coin and a coin with comment is a living coin, I find.
The choice for carboard holders came with my album "Identifying, Localising, Decyphering and Dating Coins". These coins needed comment ::)!
I adhered to the same system when I started my album "Greeks and Romans".
An album is handy for stockage and transport, I find, and also to look at your coins both sides.

Comments on the carboard holder have their requirements however :o!
I only collect coins struck in medal alignment. I cannot have verso pages in which the reverse sides are all upside down, opposite to the comments.

See below:

Jan P:
Two more pictures to the message above:

Virgil H:
Very interesting discussion, I am glad Jan P commented so I would see it. I answered Flips (archival ones from Forum), but I put my flips in those Lechuturm cases with four "velvet" trays in each (60 coins each). My collections is in three of these so far and I will need another one or two before I finish identifying all of my "loose" coins from lots. So, I guess I use two methods at the same time. I have my moderns that aren't worth anything (basically my travel pocket change) in the stapled 2 x 2 cardboard/plastic cheap holders that are in pages in the album. I would never put good coins in these cheapo things. I do not like the albums for anything I want to handle.



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