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--- Quote from: Jonathan P on December 01, 2015, 02:53:16 pm ---I'm an oddball in the "other" category. I have a very small house and 4 children so space and keeping coins away from small hands when I'm not right there with them are an issue.
I store my coins in plastic boxes designed for sewing machine bobbins. Each box is about 4"x5", and has 25 compartments. You can get them in all different sizes but in general, universal bobbin boxes nicely hold coins up to 25mm and large "M style" boxes hold up to 33mm. With these, I can easily see, access, hold and show others my coins, and stack them neatly away in the gun safe when I'm done. I have each box labeled and a spreadsheet and photo album on my computer to reference each coin by box/position.
I used to be a fan of 2x2 flips, coin in one side, attribution card in the other, neatly organized into album pages, but after 20 years, most of my album pages collapsed under the weight, and I am really preferring this method now.

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That is cool but being that it's plastic, surely there is PVC that can leak onto them over time?

Jonathan P:

--- Quote from: Mat on December 01, 2015, 03:16:54 pm ---That is cool but being that it's plastic, surely there is PVC that can leak onto them over time?

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Singer markets the cases as Acid free BPA free polycarbonate. Not sure, but I don't think there's pvc in polycarbonate?

--- Quote from: otlichnik on December 01, 2015, 03:10:11 pm ---Jonathan,

That is a very interesting storage option that I have never seen before.  Thanks for sharing.

One concern would be that the coins can move around quite a bit.  I guess you just have to be careful handling the cases?


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For the most part, they don't rattle around when walking through the house. I can see how travel would be a concern, and would make a mess, but I don't plan on taking my coins anywhere.


Jordan Montgomery:
I've attached a photo of how I now store my coins. I previously used printed tags and 2x2 SAFLIPs. While I liked the printed tags and the SAFLIPs, they scuffed and broke much too easily, especially for larger coins like Æ asses and the like. Additionally, the printed tags made it difficult to fully write out monograms and ligatures in legends, and while it's a small thing, I really like my tags to have those. The solution I settled upon was archival paper envelopes, with my usual format of Crawford number on the top right(used to sort my collection) and my collection number on the back of the flap. For coins with additional dealer or old collection tags, this information is kept in a cut-in-half flip pocket and either on one of the tags or on a slip of paper I've written written my collection number so they can be easily matched up if need be. I've recently scanned all these old tags and envelopes and put them on my dropbox with all my other coin files as well, just in case they were to get separated.

Vasiliy O:
Jordan Montgomery, very interesting. Thanks!

Jordan Montgomery:
One thing I neglected to mention last night: the white bags are dessicant packs. They're hardly needed where I live, but where I collect bronze I like to take all necessary steps to protect from bronze disease and these are pretty cheap, about $10 for 50 or 100 of them I believe. The only thing to keep in mind is that they need to be "recharged" occasionally by heating in the oven. I use a small convection oven for this and run it at about 225 for several hours.


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