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Prefered Storage Method

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Joe Sermarini:
Whatever method you use, I suggest using some system to identify for each coin a corresponding envelope or folder to retain and allow easy reuniting with its old tags, receipts and provenance information. This will be very helpful to you or your heirs if a time comes to sell.  

Vasiliy O:
Definitely! Is necessary arrange a catalog of the collection.

While I certainly have my share of photo prints, you might also consider a relatively small TV that has a USB input (most recent ones do) set to give a slide show of images of your coins.  Considering the price of low end flat screens now days you will spend more on prints in a short time.  You also can turn it off or switch to a painting image if someone you don't want to see the coins will be in the house.  Of course you could just run the photos on your 80 inch TV when not using it for the intended purpose but I hope your coins are nice enough that they look good blown up 100x.  Few of mine are! 

Jonathan P:
I'm an oddball in the "other" category. I have a very small house and 4 children so space and keeping coins away from small hands when I'm not right there with them are an issue.
I store my coins in plastic boxes designed for sewing machine bobbins. Each box is about 4"x5", and has 25 compartments. You can get them in all different sizes but in general, universal bobbin boxes nicely hold coins up to 25mm and large "M style" boxes hold up to 33mm. With these, I can easily see, access, hold and show others my coins, and stack them neatly away in the gun safe when I'm done. I have each box labeled and a spreadsheet and photo album on my computer to reference each coin by box/position.
I used to be a fan of 2x2 flips, coin in one side, attribution card in the other, neatly organized into album pages, but after 20 years, most of my album pages collapsed under the weight, and I am really preferring this method now.


That is a very interesting storage option that I have never seen before.  Thanks for sharing.

One concern would be that the coins can move around quite a bit.  I guess you just have to be careful handling the cases?



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