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Prefered Storage Method

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I agonized over this when I first started out. I began with flips, but found them to be unwieldy, and the coins slid around a lot, sometimes out of the flip itself.  I settled on the cardboard holders. (See below)

The front has the rarity in the upper left corner, and my # system in the upper right. The obverse legend appears over the coin, and the rulers name below. The lower  left has the ref. #.  The reverse has the legend, mint, and date range. These are the most important things I want to see at a glance.

The holders go into a binder, in sheets holding 20 coins each. (Makes it easy for me to page through and admire the coins, and when I remove them they are still protected by the cardboard.)

Lastly there is a second binder corresponding by ruler and coin and number, which holds my Moneta data sheets.

     I’m apparently one of the very-few to have selected #4 “Other.”

   I ‘store’ mine in open display in my private museum, all encased in glass cases. So I can see them all any time – and all the time – as can any of the few who are ever granted entrance.

  I’ll try get a couple pics of what they look like if anyone might ever care to see.

  Best –  :)


Ive of those Abafil Milanese velvet lined coin 'brief' cases - keeps coins in place and is very attractive. Being in Hong Kong though I have to keep case next to the silicia absorbtion packs inside my safe!


Tia - post photo of your private museam please.


      Will do, Alex… :)
  I’ll try to get a photo or two tomorrow after I wake.

  I’m still able to do it this way – as I yet have fewer than 100 coins in all (76 by exact count).
  For those with several hundred, or thousands – I can see the need for other methods of storing for sure.
  Even pressing closer to 100 now, space begins to become a real problem of interior décor and engineering…

  So far so well, tho’!  :)

  Best –

I have probelms occasionally with flips sliding out of albums, or coins out of flips. They're not perfect, but the 2x2's irritate me; I wouldn't want a sheet of plastic forever between me and the coin.


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