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--- Quote from: loveandpolitics on June 27, 2008, 09:55:42 am ---I can get a very nice deal on a display case. What's this about wood vapours? What will it do to my coins?

--- End quote ---

Certain woods give off vapors that can over a long enough period, affect the patina, and possibly even cause corrosion.  I beloive that pine and oak may be especially noxious.  That's why most quality cabinets are made of mahogany.  I believe rosewood is also relatively safe.  I'm not sure about any other species.

I've been trying to come up with a good system.  Right now my coins are in flips, but I am looking box a small wooden box/cabinet that could hold maybe 30-50 coins that is not so absurdly expensive as the ones I can find.  Any suggestions?

I prefer gray 29 x 29 cm plastic trays in boxes ("BEBA" - system), without partitions or sleazes, flips, blisters and all these awful coverings and surroundings some people may add (so not like the fillings of the depicted one).

They are sorted but all together in one big area and i have to take care when i move the tray.

Sometimes i create improvisional partitions by old pencils or flat pieces of wood to separate one or two groups of coins from the rest of the tray.


I have a plastic coin cabinet with 6 trays,4 trays hold 45 coins and 2 trays hold 135 coins.

and a tray with 135 coins.


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