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Prefered Storage Method

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I have, over the years, used all sorts.

There was an Abafil case with trays inside but as the case held the trays vertical and it got moved around there was abrasion on the high points of some coins.

I did use flips in an album but for the last 17 years I have used mahogany cabinets, now up to number  five (fourteen trays per cabinet, thirty coins per tray). I like them for the look and also the convenience of arrangement of coins.

I also have two Lidner trays for the LRBC I part of my collection.

Mahogany is supposed to be inert, however I have seen concerns over modern mahogany that has not been properly seasoned as potentially causing problems.



I file the Saflip flips in 30" long archival storage boxes originally designed for 2X2 mounts of 35mm slides.  A silica gel packet can go at either end and under the lid.  They are extremely sturdy and hold a LOT.  Also they fit in the Box at the Bank, perfectly.  I got them from Adorama in NYC, which advertises in things like Popular Photography.  So far, nearly six years, no problems.  If I needed to send them somewhere else, they could go in these same storage boxes, inside a larger carton, to be sure.
Patricia Lawrence

I use coin boxes from LINDNER. You can stack them and they look nice. It is easy to put the coins or the boxes in another order when needed. Each box has a Silica Gel desiccant on it.


I started a thread this topic some time ago.  I had my coins in trays and due to space constraints I was considering albums.  I now have my coins in flips in 3 ring binders.
In that earlier discussion, though, somebody (I don't remeber who) made a very valid point which I think is worth repeating :  If, God forbid, your house is ever burgled trays of shiny coins are far more likely to catch a thief's eye than 3-ring binders sitting on a shelf somewhere.   

A little note on silicagel:
The thing about silicagel is that it will soon become useless if your container is not airtight, and will soon require replacing. Some photography shops sell silicagel in sachets which are reusable in so far as you can reheat them on a hot radiator in order to lose the acquired moisture. Blue silicagel turns pink when it has acquired moisture (as does yellow silicagel I think). With most paper sachets of silicagel one cannot see the colour of the gel inside and should therefore assume that it will become useless after perhaps a few weeks - in which case it should be reheated (if the manufacturer says that it is possible to reheat) or replaced. The most effective use of silicagel (longer lasting) is to use it in an air- tight container like a large lunch box - not very nice for displaying coins though, although I believe some museums do use this method for storing rescued ancient metal artifacts and coins.  :)

Apologies if I'm preaching to the converted!


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