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Looking for Opinions on Photo Tests

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Virgil H:
I have been experimenting more with the extension tubes and lights and have an image I think is much better. This is with the longest tube by itself and I moved the lights to a different position so I could get the camera closer to the coin without screwing up the lighting. I was able to (I think) get a better focus as more of the frame was filled. And, I used the timer to reduce shake. This one is closest to what the actual coin color is. So, of my tests, this is the best one in my opinion. I think bronze will possibly be different. What do you think?

Note, I had to reduce size of the image so it could be uploaded. That is a good sign as there is more image to work with whereas before I had to do no resizing after cropping.

I did look at some of the things Ron mentioned. The Olympus cameras look nice for sure.


Ron C2:
That looks better. If not already done, increase your f-stop as high as it will go, and manually set your shutter speed. Don't use auto. Will take some trial and error to land on the right shutter speed. If your camera has digital iso settings, use 100.

If you are using a flash, operate it in manual mode. Auto flash is rubbish for shooting coins.

Lastly, for using extension tubes, fine focus is best done by moving the camera closer or further from the coin. Cheap micro adjustment camera mounts for tripods can be had on Amazon.

Virgil H:
Thanks for the comments. I am using manual and need to do more experimenting. I am not using flash, just those lights I posted above, I have two of them. Moving the camera is a bit of a pain, but focus area is so small. I will check all the adjustments you mention.



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