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iPhone 14 Pro Max Photo Thread

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Just starting to play around with the new iPhone Pro Max macro lens.  Comparison of sharpness with my old, old set-up.  Will play with lighting so it isn’t so intense but I’m happy with the quality so far.

Ron C2:
That's pretty good for a cell phone photo. With some cropping in Photoshop, that would be a usable shot.

It would be interesting to see the coin in hand and see how much is representative vs AI smoothing and sharpening. 

Prieure de Sion:
Oh! Thats very interesting - because my iPhone have a display crash - and I want buy the new iPhone.
And if the Macro Modus works well - I will pay extra charge for the 14 Pro or 14 Pro Max - when the Macro Modus works fine for coins!

I hope I see next time more pictures :)
Thanks for the first experience.

I’ll definitely post more as I experiment.  The price difference between the 14 Pro and Pro Max is not much and the Pro does not have the macro lens.  Here’s a small, c. 5mm coin.  I should mention both this photo and the Seleukid were with no set up—just snapping pics in my hand to try it out.

Ron C2:
I don't think you have the focus right on that last coin - your fingerprints are sharper than the flan. 

For that one, you'd be better off zooming a little and holding the phone further away, I think.  And maybe use spot metering.


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