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Nerva Silver Denarius Revisited


I’m in the habit of revisiting my gallery and re-editing my collection. The RIC II Nerva 2 denarius is one of my personal favourites because of the boldly and sharply struck laureate bust of the elderly Nerva. It’s beautifully toned and the first of my Five Good Emperors collection. I’ve inserted the off-flan and illegible parts of the legends in square brackets. The first letters of “Harmony” and “Army” have been capitalised to give some prominence to the close alliance between the army, navy and emperor that the coin promotes. It helps that the two translated words coincidentally rhyme!

Nerva (18 Sep 96 - 25 Jan 98 AD), Silver Denarius, RIC II 2, RSC II 16, BMCRE III 6, BnF III 3, Hunter I 2, SRCV II -, gVF, boldly and sharply struck on good metal, nicely toned, minor marks, obverse and reverse slightly off-centre, some legends off-flan, weight 2.98g, maximum diameter 17.0mm, die axis 210°, Rome mint, 19 Sep - Dec 96 AD; obverse IMP N[ERVA CAES AVG] P M TR P COS II P P, laureate head right; reverse [CONCOR]DIA EXERCITVVM (Harmony with the Army), clasped hands.


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