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Possible Bronze Disease?


Hello again. I am thinking on buying this Trajan Dacian Trophy Sestertius. I am new to ancient coin collecting, so I was worried that maybe this gunk on the coin was possibly bronze disease. If anybody has had experience with bronze disease please tell me if this maybe looks like it. If it is not bronze disease then would it just be the patina or rust that is causing it and if so can you clean it off without damaging the coin? Thank you and have a wonderful day.

It doesn't look to be BD but just some patina.

And I have no clue as to why you'd want to clean it if you get it, looks fine the way it is with some highlighting.

I agree it doesn't look like BD.

The yellowish bits could be easy to pop off with a scalpel or very difficult to remove.  It is hard, well impossible really, to tell from the photo.  If I had it I would probably try very gently with a sharp scalpel on a small out-of-the-way yellow bit and immediately give up if it didn't just "pop off".


I’m so worried about BD that I avoid collecting ancient bronze coins altogether and confine my collection to silver, gold and electrum coins. I’m concerned about the conservation issues surrounding bronze coins that might someday succumb to BD. It’s not a strategy that I would recommend to any collector because I’m missing out on a lot of terrific bronze coins. There are many ancient bronze coins and artefacts that do survive for millennia without succumbing to BD.

Thank you all so much for this advice. I think I will get it and try to clean it off, but if I can't it's ok to have that on there because you are right it does highlight the details of the coin too at least on the obverse. Thank You!


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