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What is Roma doing?

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Anton C:
Hi all,
just wondering, what is Roma doing, blow or whistle?
See what's coming out of her mouth?

(RIC 147)

Lech Stępniewski:

--- Quote from: Anton C on January 03, 2022, 11:56:15 am ---just wondering, what is Roma doing, blow or whistle?

--- End quote ---

Interesting! But it doesn't look like depicting of air which comes out of mouth (like in comic books). Rather like a special sign. Some kind of abbreviation? Or sign of tone of particular melody? Maybe Roma is speaking something.

Anton C:
Yes, exactly! It looks like a cartoon!  :)
Maybe it represents the front side of a ship (like on the Republican  bronze coins), but I have no clue why?  ::)

I am pretty sure that it is meant to be the back of the chair/throne she is sitting in.


Anton C:
Ha! I think you're right, mystery busted/solved!


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