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ID help with 14 mm medieval silver coin, probably Russian.

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Alexander D:
Hi there! Would someone help me to identify this coin? It's from Ukraine. No other information is available to date. Thanks!

Dear Alexander!

The only thing I can tell you is that the rider is wielding a sabre and therefore it is not a kopek but a denga. On a kopek he always holds a spear.

Best regards

Alexander D:
Dear Jochen,
Thank you for your input. I searched both denga and kopek coins and it seems that there's always a Cyrillic or Mongol (?) legend on the other side of the coin. At the same time, there's no legend on the coin in question.


Steve Moulding:
Hi all. Yes, on the wire money dengas of Ivan IV the rider holds a saber. Date for those is around 1540, though it could be a later tsar (less common). There should be a cyrillic legend on the other side.


Steve Moulding:
Oh, I do see the cyrillic legend now. You have to rotate the coin somewhat and its buried under all that mess. Yes, Ivan Denga.
Reverse legend looks like that shown in the image (from the Kleschinov & Grishin catalog of medieval Russian coinage, Ivan volume), but it could be one of the many other reverses too.

The other pictures show one of mine.



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