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unknown coin - Gotland Visby 1400-1450


I have two coins which both are silver and have the same symbol.

The symbol is kind of tree where are one branch on the left and one branch on the right.
And on the both branches there are two crosses, one on top of the branch and one below the branch.
Total of crosses or crosslets are four. This makes me think of Jerusalem..
The tree could be viewed as kind of a cross which is coming to life as a tree.

But I could be totally wrong about this. I have no clue what is this kind of a coin.
Coin measurements 15-16 millimeter and weight 0,75-0,86 grams.

Other side of the coins are severely hammered..


other side

Mystery seems to be solved.

The two coins seem to have samekind of appearance as Swedish Gotland Visby coins.
Sadly no ruler is known for It. But atleast now I can identify the coin.

I now think It is 1412-1420 short root type 44c Gotland, Visby coin.
Wisbycensis - Moneta Civitats


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